Brooklyn Bridge Park Board Approves Pier 6 Development Plan

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Board has voted to approve development of housing on the waterfront at Pier 6, clearing a significant hurdle in the efforts to bring good jobs and affordable housing to the borough. The developer of the project, RAL, has committed to work exclusively with responsible contractors for construction and responsible management of the residential towers.

As many as 40 Build Up New York City members from various affiliates joined the more than 200 people who packed auditorium as the Board voted. BUNYC fought from the beginning for good jobs that pay living wages and retirement benefits to be included as part of the project, as well as affordable housing for New York families.

As many of the things BUNYC advocated for became prominent features of the project, BUNYC evolved from being a critic of the project to being a supporter with its members testifying at numerous hearings in favor of the project. Many BUNYC members wearing lime-green color T-shirts, they clapped when the Board’s vote tally showed that they had approved the project and waved the signs they had carried all morning. The signs said:

“Green Light Good Jobs on Pier 6” and “Green Light Affordable Housing on Pier 6.”

BUNYC member Tiffany Faulk, an insulator who testified at yesterday’s hearing and thanked the Board members for their vote approving the project, said there are good reasons why working families in New York want the project built.
“We care because we believe these will be safe, good jobs that will allow Brooklyn families to have good wages, health insurance and real retirement benefits,” Faulk said.