Build Up NYC Activists Celebrate Jobs for Staten Islanders at the Empire Outlets Project


Council Member Debi Rose fought to ensure jobs building the Empire Outlets Project, located in her district, and afterward will be career-sustaining union jobs.

Jessica Twitty-Shuler just became an apprentice with the New York City District Council of Carpenters’ Local 20 in Staten Island in October 2013 when she came to a rally to urge developers of the Empire Outlets Project to make sure they create good, career-path jobs there.

Jessica joined dozens of union members on Saturday morning on the steps of the Staten Island Borough Hall to celebrate the success of that campaign which has brought in more than 300 apprentices onto the Empire Outlets Project. They also  put developers on notice across the borough that they will fight to make every job at every new development a career pathway.

“As a resident of Staten Island and St. George, I was able to get a job right here across the street,” she told her union brothers and sisters. “It is important for Staten Islanders to be able to work here and earn money and work in their own communities and build their own communities. We are going to see a lot more building going on and I would like to see us building it.”

Council Member Debi Rose said the negotiations with the developers were not easy, which made her even more proud of the achievement.

“I fought really hard to make sure that these jobs would be 100% union and I am proud to say that, for the very first time in any ULURP process in New York City, we were able to get a job 100% union. That is pre, during and post construction union jobs,” Rose said.

Rose thanked Build Up NYC and the affiliated unions for their commitment to hire local residents for the jobs that were being created.


Union Workers Rally to Celebrate Local Jobs By NY1 News | Saturday, February 25, 2017

Union workers rally to celebrate job creation on Staten Island’s North Shore By Mira Wassef | | February 25, 2017

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