Build UP New York Activists Push Port Chester Trustees for Good Jobs and Community Benefits Agreement in Starwood Redevelopment

Build Up New York activists practiced vigilance over the $300 Million redevelopment of the United Hospital site, turning up for a series of Port Chester Village Board of Trustees meetings this week as the Starwood Capital Group’s proposal remain in the balance.

They showed up to watch the old board hold it’s last meeting on Monday, the new board–elected on March 15, 2016–get sworn in on Tuesday and then for the board to take a “deep dive” into a traffic study that Starwood commissioned.

In a statement to the Board on Tuesday, BUNYC’s Michael Halpin welcomed newly elected members as well as the returning members of the Board of Trustees.

“We very much look forward to working with you all on a range of issues that affect the village,” Halpin said. “Of immediate concern to us is Starwood Capital Group’s proposed redevelopment of the former United Hospital site, which we have been active in raising with the previous Board.”

He added: “We want to look for ways to make this redevelopment better for everyone by including a Community Benefits Agreement. We strive to ensure that any redevelopment of the United Hospital site benefits workers, community members and the small business owners who are the backbone of our village.”

At Wednesday’s workshop on traffic, Trustees asked probing questions of engineers and consultants hired by Starwood to do its traffic study. The study is to included in a Final Environmental Impact Statement for the project, which will be submitted for the Trustees’ consideration later. The board plans to meet on Tuesday, April 26 to delve further into the traffic study.