BUNYC Activists Educate Community on Hazards at Astoria Cove Site

Build Up NYC activists took to the streets last Saturday to educate residents living near Alma Realty’s proposed massive Astoria Cove development about the toxic materials on the site.

The activists distributed leaflets and asked residents to sign onto a petition calling on Alma Realty to clean up the site safely. The petition informed the residents that Alma Realty has begun demolition work on the development by using an irresponsible contractor to remove asbestos, PCB’s and other dangerous material from the site. Alma’s own environmental impact statement identified the presence of several potential sources of contamination. They collected more than 200 signatures on petitions in just 2 hours.

The petition: “If Alma Realty is starting this vital project by breaking rules and reneging on its commitments, how do we know it will honor other commitments it made to get City approval for the project? We, the residents living near the Astoria Cove site, want Alma Realty to live up to its commitments, to clean up the site, and to build and operate its development safely and responsibly so the community and workers are not exposed to dangerous or hazardous materials.”