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    We want safety in construction near our train lines

    There is tremendous development in Long Island City, some of it very close to the subway trains. Imagine what would happen if a construction accident took place that impacted one of the train lines. How would you get to work? We, the undersigned, urge the MTA, our elected officials and the community board to keep monitoring the new developments and…

    #MLKDay2018: ‘All Labor Has Dignity’

    #United4GoodJobs #WeRStronger2gether #WorkersUnite

    Nestor Castillo’s American Dream

    Nestor Castillo tells a particularly feel-good story. Castillo talks about his good job with the health insurance that he shares with his whole family, his annuity and pension and his good life with his wife and daughter and how he can’t wait to buy a house for his family. But it was not always like that. A native of Honduras,…

    BUNYC, Community Activists and LIC Workers Celebrate Gains Workers Have Made in Labor Day Rally

    More than 200 hundred construction and building service workers gathered at the Long Island City Courthouse Plaza to celebrate gains working people can make and have made by joining together and standing up for their rights at their job sites. Thursday’s lunchtime celebration is a continuation of Labor Day and was in recognition of the work and workers who build,…