Pier 1

Safety at Starwood Capital Group’s sites




    We want safety in construction near our train lines

    There is tremendous development in Long Island City, some of it very close to the subway trains. Imagine what would happen if a construction accident took place that impacted one of the train lines. How would you get to work? We, the undersigned, urge the MTA, our elected officials and the community board to keep monitoring the new developments and…

    #MLKDay2018: ‘All Labor Has Dignity’

    #United4GoodJobs #WeRStronger2gether #WorkersUnite

    Nestor Castillo’s American Dream

    Nestor Castillo tells a particularly feel-good story. Castillo talks about his good job with the health insurance that he shares with his whole family, his annuity and pension and his good life with his wife and daughter and how he can’t wait to buy a house for his family. But it was not always like that. A native of Honduras,…

    SOS at Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation

    The New York City Department of Buildings has stopped work on Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park ten times—seven times for safety violations—in addition to numerous other fines and violations. The lack of oversight by the developers to ensure compliance with NYC building codes and safety practices may put the safety of the public and workers on the project in jeopardy.

    Brooklyn Bridge Park Stop Work Order Fuels Calls to Stop All Construction in Pier 1

    More than a dozen Build Up NYC activists were joined by community allies and local elected officials February 2 to symbolically “block the view” of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation’s office using a large stop sign. The action came in response to a partial stop work order issued on January 26 at the Starwood Capital Group/Toll Brothers construction site at…

    Environmental Concerns Highlighted by Build Up NYC at Brooklyn Bridge Park Board Meeting

    Citing reports of rising sea levels in New York City and the ever-present threat of another superstorm like Sandy, members of Build Up NYC attempted to pass out “Climate Change Survival Kits” to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation board to highlight the importance of a new environmental review for Pier 6.