Environmental Concerns Highlighted by Build Up NYC at Brooklyn Bridge Park Board Meeting

Citing reports of rising sea levels in New York City and the ever-present threat of another superstorm like Sandy, members of Build Up NYC attempted to pass out “Climate Change Survival Kits” to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation board to highlight the importance of a new environmental review for Pier 6. The survival kits included a map of the Brooklyn Bridge Park flood zone, matches, a breakfast drink, a granola bar, bandages, hand sanitizer, mini paper umbrellas, and string telephones to call a neighbor for help. Recent reports have found that sea levels in New York City could rise by as much as five feet by 2100. Such a catastrophe could severely hurt the Brooklyn Bridge Park area.

Superstorm Sandy highlighted the need for an updated Environmental Impact Study as plans to build a luxury high-rise development have moved forward. The current environmental impact study was completed in 2005, before superstorm Sandy flooded Brooklyn Bridge Park. “These recent reports about the sea level and the possibility of another superstorm are serious threats to New York City and to the Brooklyn Bridge Park area in particular,” said Lenore Friedlaender, executive director of Build Up NYC.

David Ramsey, a painter and resident of Brooklyn spoke on behalf of Build Up NYC and said “projects in this public park should be built and operated by companies with a proven record of upholding high safety standards, respecting the law and providing family-sustaining wages and benefits to their workers.” He added that projects along the waterfront or in flood zones “should be built to withstand the impact of extreme weather, rising sea levels and other conditions associated with climate change. The board is relying on an environmental impact study that is nearly a decade old. It was written before Hurricane Sandy and before the flood emergency zones were modified.”