SOS at Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation

The New York City Department of Buildings has stopped work on Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park ten times—seven times for safety violations—in addition to numerous other fines and violations.

By failing to comply with New York City’s building codes and safety practices, the Pier 1 developers may have endangered the health and safety of workers and the community. Both developers – Toll Brothers and Starwood Capital Group – were specifically chosen by the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation.

The latest stop work order was issued just a couple of weeks ago to call for an investigation of the Pier 1 developer’s failure to comply with the design approved by the Department of Buildings. As it stands, the construction blocks many members of the community from enjoying their view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Aside from Pier 1, the Corporation has issued a request for proposals to construct two luxury residential buildings on Pier 6 also in the park. They’ve released the architectural renderings of the proposed developments but continue to withhold the names of the bidding developers, The community deserves to know that only a responsible, law-abiding developer will be chosen to build in our park.

We can sound the alarm together and tell our Mayor and other elected officials that the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation needs an intervention. The Corporation must respect the community and be held responsible for the hiring of irresponsible developers and contractors.